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TFS The Folk Studio brings you the best singers, musicians and composers and provides platforms to the finest traditional and contemporary music. The music genres that will be put forward are including from Classical, Sufi, Traditional Instrumental, Bhangra, Contemporary, Hip Hop to Rock, Rap and Pop Music. This channel will also explore the best hidden talent in the region. This channel is musical venture of Film Farmer Studios LLP.



When creative minds meet, a universe of diverse thinking is created. Words know not their strength till they aren’t ignited by a writer’s passion. Imagination is the key to creation, and writers must allow their creativity to thrive and soar. Just as the mind, body and spirit strike a harmonious chord, so must a writer find a balance between his creative input and his practical output. To sustain a strong creative drive, a writer must inculcate a positive bent of mind. With the advent of the internet, and a plethora of virtual distractions, it seems as if reading books has become a thing of the past. Writers are struggling to market themselves, and create a loyal and longstanding readership.
Writers Hub is a writing initiative launched by writers for the benefit of writers. It is a platform where English and Punjabi writers are invited to exhibit and promote their work. Have something to write? Then you’re at the right place. Writers Hub extends a helping hand, and offers budding writers a chance to have their work published. Writing can be a lonely profession, but it doesn’t have to be demoralizing.